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A Celebration of Peace and Friendship
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At Grand-Pré National Historic Site in the beautiful Annapolis Valley – 2205 Grand-Pré Rd

Lieu historique national de Grand-Pré, dans la vallée de l’Annapolis reconnue pour sa beauté, au 2205 chemin de Grand-Pré.

Come celebrate the legacy of the 400-year-old Mi’kmaq – Acadian bond at Grand-Pré 2017.

Grand-Pré is a place that was home to early French settlers who forged a union as Acadians with the Mi'kmaq people. It is a place where the indigenous Mi’kmaq people greeted people in peace and friendship, and formed an alliance with the Acadians creating one of the first treaties in Canadian history. Today the Landscape of Grand-Pré is also recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

In 1604, Grand Chief Membertou and the Mi’kmaq people accepted French settlers and explorers having just made the arduous journey across the treacherous tides of the Atlantic Ocean, with arms and hearts wide open. Mi’kmaq people helped the French settlers overcome hunger, disease and the elements. They developed a shared understanding and knew that in solidarity they would be stronger. They bled alongside one another on the battlefield, and then toasted to their successes, and failures, as a united group in establishing L’Ordre du bon temps known also as The Order of Good Cheer, the first social club and theatre group in the new world. It was a deep-rooted alliance with peace and friendship laying the foundation from which the relationship developed. Then the expulsion of 1755 happened.

Not since the 1600s has an occasion so momentous been planned.

Grand-Pré 2017 will breathe new life into the shared history, legacy and culture of the Mi’kmaq and Acadian people. This special event will be part of the Canada 150 celebrations and will also be seen as an event that demonstrates a call to action for Truth and Reconciliation. Grand-Pré 2017 will revisit and reignite the power of a friendship, which through good and bad, transcends centuries and shaped the Canada we know, and love today.

Grand-Pré  2017 Co-chairs

In 2017, Canada marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation. From August 10 to 13, 2017, First Nations and Acadians will also be celebrating a historic moment: the meeting of Indigenous peoples and the first French settlers, and the ensuing friendship and co-operation in a land that would later become Canada. Grand-Pré 2017 will give all Canadians a wonderful opportunity to learn about the values upon which Canada was founded, as it commemorates and celebrates a relationship that was established over 400 years ago and which led to the creation of a country. An event you won’t want to miss!

—Marie-Claude Rioux, Executive Director, Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse and Co-Chair of Grand-Pré 2017

I believe Grand-Pré 2017 is a transformative event on many levels that will bring national exposure to the historic relationship between the Mi’kmaq and Acadian people. We as the Mi’kmaq First Nation have taken a proactive approach in promoting and integrating reconciliation at events that unite and educate through song, dance, culture and tradition. Our aim is to create a platform for a better understanding of Indigenous people and our values. I want to extend an invitation to all of Canada to participate and celebrate our diverse communities at Grand-Pré.

—Morley Googoo, Regional Chief, Assembly of First Nations (Representing Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador)

Come experience Mi'kmaq and Acadian cultural demonstrations

Come experience Mi’kmaq and Acadian cultural demonstrations, enjoy nationally renowned Mi’kmaq and Acadian performances, experience the best of Indigenous and Acadian dancers, explore a cultural village, sit in on a lecture series, and wander through the artisan vendor marketplace

Artisan Vendor Marketplace presented by TD
Volunteer Program presented by TD
Cultural Village presented by Scotiabank
Main Stage presented by Bearhead LNG
Culinary Program presented by Select NS

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Grand-Pré 2017, a Reunion 400 Years in the Making

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